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The modern industrial society has withessed the rapid growth of the technology
Intensive industry coupled with the remarkable development of electric,electronic
And automobile industry as the 21 st century is near at hand.
Since established in 1984. we have concentrated on the production of precision
Press die and parts as based on the corporate concept
“Every engineers shoud fulfill his mission to creat the human-orient faithful
society which satisfies everyone”
in particular, we have specifically engaged in the production of three assembly dies
including the automobil electric part,relay and micro swich part and machined and
produced precision die products.
These products are electric,electronic and automobil parts which is mostly used in
our Daily life. We have exerted effort to improve the safety and durability.
We won the tower of the precision industry promotion in Nov 1997.
Based on the precision technology, we will further develop the production
Technology in order to produce the precision part products.
I sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement which you have extended us,
and Hope that you continue to support us in the future.
Best regards.